BB&HB Gamers – CoD Modern Warfare Tournament

Welcome to our first Tournament (hopefully of many and with bigger prizes)

We’re looking for 16 Team of 4 Players. Click below to register:



Round 1 – CDL Domination – Gun Runner

Round 2  – CDL Hardpoint – St. Petrograd

Round 3 – CDL Domination – Hackney Yard

Round 4 [FINAL] – CDL Hardpoint – Rammaza

BONUS Round : Winning team Free for All


To be announced. But probably stickers and maybe some T-Shirts – we’ll see what we can muster.


  1. No whining about the other RULES. Why isn’t it Hardcore? Why can they use KBM? Because we said so 🙂
  2. Judges decision is final
  3.  Any platform is welcome
  4. Any controller
  5. If there are technical issues we may ask teams to replay matches – see #2
  6. Someone in your team has to friend up DrAsian (Activision) because he’s setting up the games and spectating/streaming on the Official BBHB Gamer Twitch
  7. Games will be CDL. Details here:
  8. BB&HB Gamers Members only
  9. There’s probably more.. We’ll make it up as we go 🙂

Actual match times will be confirmed closer to the start and subject to things like how many teams register etc etc.

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